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刚刚登陆Facebook,这次沒有如以往登陆到登陆后主页,而是跳出来创办人Mark Zuckerberg的1封信,短短几行字间,折射了这个在互联网技术全部服务中近乎完善改版全过程。

Hey -
——————>1切由Hey刚开始。Mark Zuckerberg开篇的这个叫法,道明了站方和客户之间亲密接触关联,1种真心实意,亲切,不官腔不矫情的娓娓道来心态,从这里也折射了商品随客户发展的设计方案的观念。与其类似的许多出色互联网技术服务也相近这个叫法,例如Flickr这些。做为以本人为管理中心的Web2.0商品,站方与客户之间的关联反映在商品中的每处,维持站方人物角色与客户的公平性与1致性是重视客户的刚开始。
At Facebook, our goal is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. More than 90 million people across the world have joined this movement and are using the site to communicate and share information with the people they care about most. Today, we’re happy to invite you to check out the next evolution of our product. We’ve been working on it for a while, so we’re really excited to show it to you.
——————>社会发展化互联网的愿景。这段前两句是Facebook俨然已变成“社会发展化互联网”的危害力叙述,也是1句话道明了“社交媒体互联网(SNS)”与“社会发展化互联网(Social network)”的构造与差别。由“有根源的信息内容展现”构成危害人应用的“有维度的信息内容获得”,再由信息内容组成了大量“有对于的信息内容共享”。社交媒体互联网(SNS)是信息内容构造化的商品方式,而社会发展化互联网(Social network)是社交媒体互联网(SNS)构造化方式演变后的展现。
We had three goals to improve Facebook in this version. First, we wanted to make everything clean and simple to use. Reducing clutter makes it easier for you to find what you’re looking for and share information with others. Second, we wanted to give you more control over your profile. Everyone should be able to express themselves how they want, which means privacy controls and control over how content appears on your profile. Lastly, we wanted to show the most recent and relevant content. People share so much on Facebook that it’s easier to keep up with your friends by focusing on the newest and most important information.
——————>社交媒体管理体系的极致演变。此次修改的关键为3个层面:1,让信息内容更为纯净。2,隐私保护的操纵。3,信息内容传送的精确。这也是考量社交媒体管理体系是不是坚固的关键支柱。另外也有大家看到这次改版带来信息内容构架上的转变,这篇Blog叙述的较为详细。文中的Everyone should be able to express themselves how they want和最终的most important information道明了今日的Facebook源驱动力,以硬信息内容(如Blog,照片等)会追随時间轴的运转与全球转变同歩,要是時间在运转,客户便可以随意表述自身期待的信息内容,以普遍的社交媒体关联触碰点和牢固的隐私保护设定为前提条件确保,这一部分信息内容就会在Facebook这张关联网中产生合理和精确的信息内容传送。此外,Open API的F8方案以后,愈来愈多的人添加到商品设计方案的势力中,从Top20中能够看到这些小商品偏重于针对潜在性信息内容的表述。综合性两个角度,社交媒体互联网在時间运转下造成的硬信息内容表述再加开源系统方案带来生生不断的软信息内容触碰频率,是Facebook演变后的社会发展化信息内容展现。比照中国的高兴网,以软件而盛行意味着了它的“Office”客户群喜爱被高高脱机,在街头巷角品头论足。后期再想转过头来发展趋势硬信息内容的表述,已属极为艰难之举。但是由于Facebook的 F8方案正如火如荼,从Top目录中选择1些汉语翻译汉化便可以再次保持这群“Office”客户。与之产生比照的硬信息内容表述则会真实依靠本人表述,伴随着時间轴的运转持续造成內容和危害力,例如5g。
You may have seen the preview Page we created a few months ago to get suggestions from the community on the changes we were thinking about making. I want to thank all of you who wrote in and gave us feedback. It’s always great to hear from people using our products all around the world. As you use the new Facebook, please feel free to let us know what you think using the “Send Feedback” link at the top of new pages.
To try out the new Facebook, look for a banner at the top of every page. If you get lost, there are help links available as well as the option to switch back to the older version for a little while. I hope you enjoy this next evolution of the site as much as we do.
最终,感谢Mark Zuckerberg和Facebook Team,给这个全球带来的不仅是1个社交媒体互联网服务平台。